Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NYFW Crow-eating - Diane Von Furstenberg

This week at Racked, Diane Von Furstenberg apologizes for allowing Under 16 models to walk in her NYFW show.  Of course, the public apology included multiple references to the bumbling underlings who failed to do their diligence.  Damn those "production and casting people" for failing to follow rules that don't really exist.  Somehow a 15-year-old girl "slipped through" Diane's bevy of security measures.  To tighten up for next year, the company will take the extraordinary measure of "demand[ing] ID" from their employees.  Well, bully.

This public "oops" comes on the heels of another PR mishap, a bad case of Obama-bashing.  DVF, the Baroness of Wrap Dresses, called Lady Michelle out for wearing an Alexander McQueen dress to a state dinner.  It became quite the thing.

Here's a tip: Spend a little less time policing the First Lady's designer duds and a little more time ensuring you aren't anywhere near violating your country's child labour laws, Diane.

Sidenote: I love her designs and know she's a competent businesswoman.  She launched her own label some 40 years ago and currently manages/mentors other successful designers like Alexander Wang.  So, get it together DVF.  You're better than this.

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