Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meant to be broken - Spring Stripes

Kate Moss 'Liquorice Stripe' dress for Topshop

Some rules, eh?

I'm sure at this very moment girls everywhere are carefully concealing this love handle and that bit o' arm fat, dutifully noting Stacey and Clinton's every word.  Turns out that style doesn't = skinny, though.  It's much more democratic.  There's at least as much cache, if not more, in dressing well with your smaller wallet, wider waistband, or weirdly long femurs.

So, don some stripes for spring.  'Nautical' always comes back around every April, so get a jump on it now with some simple shapes done in bold stripes.  Thick, thin, tall, small - it's all good.  Same goes for you, ladies. 

Alexander Wang tailback shirt, eBay seller: edropoff


Tory Burch

Alexander Wang

Robert Rodriguez

Torn by Ronny Kobo

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