Thursday, February 17, 2011

F*ck Yeah Menswear

If you read my post about Nudie jeans, and thought "what's this raw denim thing all about?" you're in luck.  F*ck Yeah Menswear is about to explain it to you.  In the latest installment:

For the uninitiated, FYM is a very popular and unique street style blog.
It's stream-of-consciousness-poetry meets Lacoste catalogue meets hardcore rap meets Wes Anderson movie.
So, basically, it's gold.
The fabulous combustion that is FYM means you get to see great street style snapshots (above) paired with lyrical gems like this week's take on denim drugs (below, abridged):
     You MADD, son?
         Mothers Against Denim Debate.
          Bought my first 14oz off some shady sufu kid.
            Gave it to me dirt cheap.
           The gateway denim....
  But I was hooked.
       It took more and more to get that same feeling.
              Started getting into some heavier shit.
       Getting so fucked up.
            Getting so faded.
      Jeans so stiff.
       They were the only things keeping me on my feet....
  One night my bros found me.
                     Curled up in the gutter.
                              Rubbing sandpaper all over myself.
             Into the darkness.
Stop calling my brothers and sisters.
     I call my dick my pussy.
          My crotch got so many whiskers.

Still don't get it?  Better head on over there.

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