Friday, February 11, 2011

Archer, Sterling Archer

I'm really feeling this new show, Archer.  It's a mature-audience-only spy spoof on Fox that features a host of famous voices (including a trifecta of Arrested Development alumni) and swinging 60's styles.

Between this and the upcoming X-Men First Class movie (set during the Cuban Missile Crisis), I should get enough of a beehives-and-bakelite-bangles fix to make it to Season 5 of Mad Men.

So throw on your Kinks LP and zip up them go-go boots, we're going baaaack:


Silver FX hair dye

eBay seller: cookingcatlady

eBay seller: cupcake vintage

browline glasses

plaid bowtie, Etsy seller: dasiylaine

BCBG sweater dress                            leather hip belt                                      hammered silver hoops         

Christian Louboutin boots

ebay seller: 1918james                                     J.crew suit                   

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