Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cute Dudes + Snazzy Duds = February GQ

GQ has a great spread this month - the nominees for Best New Menswear Designer in America dressed up some of TV's cutest casts:

Vampire Diaries cast wearing T by Alexander Wang

I have a few pieces of the "T" range and they do have a softness and worn-in look, even from day one.  I'm not a 'Wangster' (hipster + follower of Alex Wang) by any means, but these pieces are like those cargos/hoodies/tanks you've had since Junior High that are STILL in heavy rotation.  They're just that comfy.  Once an underpinning, we now exist in the era of the designer T-shirt.  Get with it.

Friday Night Lights cast wearing Riviera Club

Love the show, guys, but you're all 30 year olds playing teenagers.
This is a much better look.
Riveria Club, previously unknown to me, is apparently a label blending golf course prep with beachy non-chalance.  The mixture reminds me of another brand popular with the surfers-with-a-day-job set, Trovata.

Treme cast wearing Patrick Ervell

Note the club-collar shirts, button right to the top.  Very dapper.

Patrick Ervell is new on the scene but is going to be huge.  Ryan Gosling's torso, deftly swathed, is all the advertising this brand needs.

Community cast wearing Gant

I prefer Gant's take on classic Americana to most of the competition: Kors, Lauren, Lacoste, etc...  Designer Michael Bastian cuts a bit tighter and the palette is brighter - the result is ironic golf club meets The Prisoner village uniforms.  Very cute.  And even cuter, the cast of Community (Perhaps the best scripted show on TV right now - it's a half hour nerdgasm of pop culture referencing and genre-bending satire).

Nice job, Benn Watts on the beautiful shots.

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