Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Distracting NYFW Trend - Bad Black Hats

So that was New York Fashion Week, folks.  More posts to come on the good and the bad, but first things first... The Ugly!

At least those twins at The Row gave us something functional (fur) as did apres-ski favourite Moncler Grenoble (earwarmers, yeah!).  A host of other designers must have held a little roundtable and resolved to do inappropriate, incongruous black hats.

I'm not real eager to top my graphic DVF wrap with an obsidian matador hat:

Diane Von Furstenburg tightens them bolos
The Vena Cava models looked like pretentious art school dropouts, doing the walk of shame, all black berets and smeared eye glitter.

Vena Cava - Brooklyn's finest does bondage tops and black berets
It was really progressive of Victoria Beckham to hire an entire lineup of epileptic models, though.  I haven't seen anyone look this chic in a rugby helmet since Natalie Portman's turn in Garden State.

Victoria Beckham, great show, 100% ear-free

Karen Walker puts her girls in beanies, giving them that dockworker's-daughter-on-a-Saturday-night-vibe

And my Malandrino, so classy, so smart, so schlumpy:

At Catherine Malandrino: keep the sliced booties, lose the hobo hat
Presented without comment:

Anna Sui

And at the mother of all NYFW shows, Marc Jacobs, the hairdressing budget must have been spent on set design instead.  All the models came out with rakish saucer-caps, like so many synchronized swimmers:

Marc Jacobs - verdict: saucer-caps not so saucy

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