Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't Call It A Comeback

They're BAA-AAACK!

It's like the coming of the spring thaw.

It's like the ebb and flow of the tides.

It's like the Toronto Maple Leafs being mathematically eliminated halfway through the season.


Joe's high-rise wide leg jeans $170

Wide(r) leg jeans are back in.  They're coming off the bench.  Actually, they've been out of the game so long they'd left the bench, and were already showered and talking to buxom news-bunnies in the locker room.

Hudson "Woodstock" flare jeans $190

Blue jeans, the most ubiquitous item of clothing ever created, vacillate between one extreme and the other every few years.  We all have a pair of plain-jane, dark-rinse, boot-cut ones that withstand this 2-3 year cycle.  They're super flattering and generic enough to never seem dated.  Yet, they somehow always get shoved to the back of the closet to make room for BlueJean2.0.  I know I've done this countless times, like a serial monogamist who discards his comfortable, loving long-term relationship for the thrill of some hot young thing.  And guess what, time after time I go crawling back to the boot-cuts.  They've always been so good to me.

My many sordid affairs:




'Mom' jeans



Maybe this time I'll avoid the pull of the new, however attractive that indigo vortex be.
Let everyone else run out to stock up on bell-bottomy 70s styles and wide trouser cuts.
Maybe I'll just stay in, with a DVD and bucket of popcorn... curl up on the couch with my boot-cuts.
They love me just the way I am.

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  1. Does anyone know where to get the white destroyed jeans?