Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stocking Stuffers (everything under $27)

Karim Rashid Water Bobble reusable water bottle ($15)

Annie Taintor Emory Boards ($12) - come with cheeky slogans on the purse-sized package
Candy Cane Tweezerman set ($22)
The Encyclopedia of Fashion Illustration Techniques by Carol Nunnelly ($18)

Skeleton socks ($14)

Cynthia Rowley Band Aids by Johnson & Johnson ($12)
Holly Golightly sleep mask ($14)

Bottle Opener ring ($8)

Butter nail polish ($20)

Sephora Color to Go palette ($18)

Philosophy Cheers! kit ($25)

Life memoir of Keith Richards ($20)

The Optimist Glass ($14)

Nice Jewish Guys calender ($16) - don't worry, the shirts stay on.

Fashion Origami set ($12)

Pret-A-Portea bags ($15)

The Fashionary is now in it's 2nd Edition!  34 pages of fashion content, plus figure templates and sketchbook space.  ($17).

Pencil Me In socks ($12)

The Selby book ($26)

Dip Dye Infinity scarf ($14)

Kate Spade desk calendar ($22) - inspiration and motivation for technicolour people

Wrapper's Delight Honesty Bows ($6/tube)

Amy Sedaris books (hostess ideas, DIY, recipes, humour - $26 and $12)

Yellow tea-Submarine ($12)

- Sephora puts out great festive packages, gift sets, and palettes.
- check out Fred Flare for lots of kitsch items year round.
- Sock Theory is a NY based company that does whimsical socks, from anklet to thigh high.
- watch for Amazon's holiday sales and Best of 2010 Lists (I love those!)

Jewelry Faceoff on the Upper East Side

For the last few weeks, Blake Lively has been sporting the same style of mixed media jewelery on Gossip Girl.  What the storyline lacks in consistency, Serena's neckpieces have been making up for.  Big bib necklaces have been appearing on the show since day one, but lately La Lively's are of a particular breed.  Every episode she dons a new tangle of metal chains, dotted with large roughewn stones. 

There are lots of knockoff versions of these out there: Fenton Fallon did a great line for J Crew, Banana Republic and Club Monaco make reasonable approximations, Madewell, Fiona Paxton, etc...
However, there are only two high-end contenders I think might be gracing Blake's clavicle.

Up first, Gemma Redux:

Secondly, Dannijo

According to the CW's blog, it's mostly Dannijo on the Serena VanDerWoodsen of 2010.  Kudos to the duo (sisters) for reaching such celebrity cult status. 

They've had a steep ascent since launching in 2007.  They now have an impressive website divided into 5 themes: Cult, Americana, Rock, Grace, and Boho.  I hope they continue to add breadth to their collection and break away from the teen soap opera set.

Lake Bell in Dannijo

So I guess there are really two Queens of the Upper East Side. 
At least... for now.

XOXO gillespiegirl

Rave On

Congrats to Blandine Bardeau, a French womenswear graduate whose work in now gracing the Oxford Street windows of Selfridges department store.

Check out her blog, or the article Susie Bubble wrote.  Her pieces are fun and youthful, and brought to mind that necklace I couldn't find from last Winter's Swarovski X Aldo collaboration:

These neon rubber confections are as rave-worthy as glowsticks, lollipops, and LED belly-button rings.
If you're not the trance-dance type, then consider them artful statement pieces that elevate a plain white T.

Blandine Bardeau necklace, anything but Bland.

DIY supplies: look for beading laces, fishing line, rubber craft laces, etc... 

Group them together, string a few beads here and there, and then coil and loop until you're content.  No Masters in Contemporary Design required (although 4-H camp friendship bracelet skills help!).

Velvet Dresses

It's that time of year again.  I want to swath myself in yards of velvet and attend fabulous parties with cater waiters and ambient piano playing.

Emma Watson on the H.P. & the D.H. junket.

Velvet never goes out.  It just gets misappropriated every now and then...

...chiefly by mid-90's prom-goers.
Note: the Urban Dictionary contains the term Velvet Dress Lady:
A term made by a group of suburban kids in Seattle meaning  something
that is unfavorable, annoying, unpleasant, stupid and non-sensical.
Also used to describe something or someone ugly, gross, or unfashionable.
example: "Don't be so velvet dress lady, I was just asking [a question]."
Don't be a Velvet Dress Lady; be a lady wearing a velvet dress!
To avoid looking like you've escaped from a weekend at the Renaissance Fair, invest in velvet and forget the velour.  Before you buy, ask yourself: "does this look like a caftan made from old Juicy Couture sweatpants or more like a beautiful table runner from The Palace at Versailles?"  Check out the richness and density of this Burberry Prorsum:

Looks sumptuous, even in 2D, right?

While this material hangs and drapes so well it screams 'Festive Soiree', I have included plenty of short frocks that could easily become daywear with the right styling.  Mix contrasting (think: complementary, not clashing) textures for a modern look.

Barlow dress ($248) at I Don't Like Mondays 

Etro burnout dress (~$1450) eBay seller ajmfashions

Shoshanna dress ($375) at Shopbop

Christopher Kane runway dress

Behnaz Sarafpour runway dress

Diane Von Furstenberg Grano dress ($395) at Shopbop

Nanette Lepore "Love Affair" dress ($780)

Nanette Lepore jewel dress ($348)