Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Diastema Diaries

Are you there Yahweh? It's me, Margaret.

OMG, I could just DIE! Mom and Dad just took me to the dentist, and even though he said he could put a bridge in...they decided to just leave the gap in my teeth.  The HUGE, ugly gap that's so ginormous I can stick one of those big McDonald's milkshake straws in it.  Seriously, like, I bet Mom's just being tight, or maybe this is part of Dad's diabolical scheme to prevent me from dating until I'm like, super-old... like, 20!  ARGH. 

***flash forward 12 years***

W Magazine "Mind The Gap"

Georgia Mae Jagger is the face of campaigns for Rimmel cosmetics, Versace, and Hudson Jeans.

Lara Stone, possibly the busiest model of 2010

Ashley Smith
ANTM's Chelsea - during the makeover episode, they actually shaved down her gap to widen it.

Lindsey Wixon - current runway darling

Ah, looks like the Japanese philosophy Wabi-Sabi is back, come to impede our Western quest for aesthetic perfection.  Wabi-Sabi seeks to find the beauty in all things imperfect, incomplete, or transient. 

Wabi-Sabi sound a bit too much like a cousin of the spicy tuna handroll?  Then try: Jolie-laide (which literally translates as 'pretty ugly'), oft used to describe women who are stunning, but not classically beautiful.

Whatever the linguistic stylings, this dialogue is everywhere.  New-age phraseology like "self-love, not self-improvement" has been embedded in the magazine racks since last fall.  As a gap-toothed gal myself, I've made sure to page through the Lara Stone spreads and 'inspirational' beauty editorials.  In a couple glossies, I even found the just-as-you-are philosophy being preached in the monthly 'Trend' column, without the slightest ironic undertone.  Yes, kiddies, self-acceptance is IN this season.  Phew!

Take heart, fellow diastema dames, for trends may come and go
but Lauren Hutton is forever. 

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