Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ridin' Bitch

Elise Overland ($1255-$3265)

Mall-shopping (which I rarely do - too many 'tweens), Phoenix & I noticed there's a real biker babe vibe happening right now. Leather banding, studs, lace-up sides, and zippers abound. I suppose it's a 'trend' since these design elements are seeping into businesswear and formalwear, far from their road-rash roots.

Coming from a biking family, I am much more comfortable with the whole 'fierce bitch' look, right down to the shit-kicking Frye harness boots. Phoenix, a somewhat unEasy Rider, will be trying to offset her picks with floral sundresses and demure heels. Wise, tempering the masculine with the overtly sexy/feminine a la Blake Lively on February's Esquire cover.

Robert Rodriguez's banded mini

In fashion as in watersliding, I favour a head-on approach. So don't dabble. Invest in an actual (read: functional) leather motorcycle jacket and style it anywhere along the Vespa --> Harley spectrum. Then wait for your your Steve McQueen or Bud Ekins to swing by.

Marlon Brando and Jimmy Dean popularized the Schott Perfecto in the mid 1950's. RIP boys.

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