Saturday, August 14, 2010

Power Animal Presents

I have two good friends, The Turtle and The Phoenix. They sound like a duo from Aesop's rejection pile, don't they? The codenames derive from a lengthy, somewhat inebriated discussion we had this summer about our 'power animals'. Typically way too new-agey for a skeptic like me. But after getting asked, "if you were a cheese what cheese would it be & why?" in a recent job interview... well, I've had to relax my standards on what constitutes an insightful or revealing line of inquiry. BTW, blue cheese.

Tory Burch turtle-print bow blouse

I would love to do a series of power animal gifts for my friends who are in on the joke (shout-outs to Cougar, Gazelle, & Rabbit) like this adorable rhinestone clamper bracelet that was a recent Near Miss on eBay - #120607083955. Vintage clampers (1950's-70's) are typically well-crafted, with strong hinges and decent weight/heft. Kitsch quotient is superhigh, although so is the likelihood of snagging those bunny ears on a beloved blouse. Also, haphazardly stabbing strangers on Public Transit with lupine accessories is a no-no.

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