Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family Matters for The Fresh Prince

I grew up with 'peasant vision', the 3 fuzzy channels that radiate to the rural outposts. My sister and I would rush off the bus just in time to catch the "bah-da-da-daaa" theme song of Family Matters, and then would stick around for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at 4:00.

Lately I've been having strange crossover dreams between the two laugh-track-laden sitcoms. Chalk this up to the recent press junket appearances of the Smith-Pinkett clan to promote Karate Kid 2.0. That is one in your face, capital 'F' family. I've been witnessing this extravaganza of Smithyness on Go Fug Yourself and thinking about how Willow and Jaden will look back on these stylist-approved getups just like us plebs get nauseously nostalgic over our bad grade-school bangs and matchy-matchy Christmas sweaters.

I suppose everyone's first stylist is mommy dearest, who is soon replaced by a mob of tittering mean girls somewhere near Junior High. Some ladies then transform into true trendy little trollops, taking cues from the frat boy whistles of college.
Nurture, can be a sad tale. We are conditioned to forget our parents' sage advice (re: tight, low-cut, mini). It is dispensed early and often, but can be disregarded simply because of the embarrassing unhipness of the source:

DAD: "well, you don't want to look like 10 lb.s of sausage in a 5 lb. bag!"
DAD: "those pants are so tight I could see a pimple on yer arse."
DAD: "you're not leaving this house til you find the other half of that skirt!"
MOM: "you're beautiful and perfect and I love you."
Eventually, a gal tempers a lifetime of social cues and What Not to Wear episodes with glorious, self-actualizing Nature. The most fashionable women I know are comfortable in their skin, freeing them up to be adventurous and lighthearted, clothes-wise. The can evolve their style, pay homage, and above all... satirize. People who don't take themselves too seriously (read: their self-esteem doesn't teeter on aesthetic appearance alone) just look better. If you don't believe me, visit Calgary during Stampede week. Some people wear the requisite plaid shirt, and for others... it wears them. The difference is night and day obvious, and all about self-confidence.

So, wear your vintage concert T's and the jeans you bought at 14 (if you can still fit in 'em please don't gloat). Buy new pieces for the life you have/want/deserve. Mix them all together. Taste is the comfortable middle ground between the dichotomous N's - between the extremes of Nurture and Nature.

Mom'll still think you're beautiful.
Dad'll still think your skirt's too short.
You definitely are, and it probably is.

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