Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Good, The Plaid, and The Ugly

Bona fide prairie gals, like myself, were wearing plaid long before Ashley & Mary-Kate 'Bag Lady Chic' Olsen were churning it out under their lesser label Elizabeth & James (Eponymously, the two other siblings. See also, fancy-pants classics from their line The Row). But I did purchase a 3/4 sleeve blazer and two button-downs, purely to research the intriguing detailing that nips in the small of the back...

Oh, wait. It's just buttons. Or sometimes a zipper. Cute, but not MSRP $225 cute. While ruminating one night on these sartorial splurges, I roused from a fitful sleep... epiphany! I would transform my father's fugly old workshirts, now so fashionably thin and threadbare, into button-backed wonders. Suck it, Michelle Tanner.

Elizabeth & James Style LW081-223M $225.00-

Father's old work shirt $0.00-

Three loose buttons $0.20=

Total Savings $224.80

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