Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ghost World

Teenage dirtbags: ScarJo and Thora Birch in 2001's movie adaptation of the popular graphic novel Ghost World.

I'm really pleased that The Big Bang Theory has found an audience, and was thrilled by Jim "Dr. Sheldon Cooper" Parson's recent Emmy win (my second favorite acceptance speech, after Tom Hanks' 15 second summation of Just War Theory). Basically, geek chic is back. Not since the Urkel days has nerd-lovin' been so hip. I have an astigmatism (yep, I wore the eyepatch as a tyke and glasses ever since), so I'm all over that like Ed Hardy T-shirts on a Jersey Shore episode. Bring on the bookish cardigans, sexy-librarian chignons, tartan minis, and clashing prints. Bonus points for mixing in graphic T's denoting favorite indie rock bands, comic book characters, or Communist icons.

At right & below is hip-to-be-square designer Luella Bartley's perennial mashup of schoolgirl cool. She was one of the first designers to collaborate with big box store Target, and the collection looked like a pragmatic precursor to the Gossip Girl wardrobe trailer. It was all bright colours, preppy shapes, and brit-punk accessories. Since then, she's retained the peter-pan collars but muted her once technicolor palette.

So, if you do your browsing on PubMed instead of YouTube and your fashion plate is more MTV Daria than Daria Werbowy, grab that inner nerd and shove her outward, for all the drooling unread of the world to see. As the girls of Ghost World would say, "accentuate the negative". It'll be so bad it's good.

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