Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jewelry Faceoff on the Upper East Side

For the last few weeks, Blake Lively has been sporting the same style of mixed media jewelery on Gossip Girl.  What the storyline lacks in consistency, Serena's neckpieces have been making up for.  Big bib necklaces have been appearing on the show since day one, but lately La Lively's are of a particular breed.  Every episode she dons a new tangle of metal chains, dotted with large roughewn stones. 

There are lots of knockoff versions of these out there: Fenton Fallon did a great line for J Crew, Banana Republic and Club Monaco make reasonable approximations, Madewell, Fiona Paxton, etc...
However, there are only two high-end contenders I think might be gracing Blake's clavicle.

Up first, Gemma Redux:

Secondly, Dannijo

According to the CW's blog, it's mostly Dannijo on the Serena VanDerWoodsen of 2010.  Kudos to the duo (sisters) for reaching such celebrity cult status. 

They've had a steep ascent since launching in 2007.  They now have an impressive website divided into 5 themes: Cult, Americana, Rock, Grace, and Boho.  I hope they continue to add breadth to their collection and break away from the teen soap opera set.

Lake Bell in Dannijo

So I guess there are really two Queens of the Upper East Side. 
At least... for now.

XOXO gillespiegirl

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