Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Happy 50th, Doctor Martens!  See a well-edited video of the Doc's history here.  The things you'll learn:
  • Martens boasted the 1st ever air-cushioned sole ("AirWair" technology still used today).
  • Have been worn by postal carriers, skinheads, punks, and now everybody else...
    • Iconic appearances:
      • Claire Danes in My So-Called Life,
      • The Twilight kids,
      • Russell Crowe in Romper Stomper,
      • Liv Tyler on the cover of Empire Records,
      • Supermodel Agnyess Deyn
      • MTV's Daria
      • Pete Townsend (of The Who) wore Doc Martens on stage (ie: with a white jumpsuit, as a commentary on the state of working class Britain).
  • Pairs bought today still come with the same Lifetime Guarantee and Made in Britain seal that they did 50 years ago.  Jolly good, then.

Fashion-wise, there's probably no better investment than these time honoured classics (ranging from $60-$180).  They'll be the thing in your closet that proves to your future offspring that you once had a life, were cool, and 'damned the man' you now work for. 

Pair them with:
  • skinny cargos/a kilt/jean shorts
  • anything leather
  • boyfriend cardigan/plaid button-down
  • a rebellious spirit
Now, feast your eyes on 50 years of Doc's:


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