Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm really looking for a heavily studded jacket, preferably in leather or denim.

I just think it would go so well with the current Young Hollywood aesthetic.  Skinny jeans, military details, strappy ankle boots, and the tough-chic like aren't going anywhere anytime soon.  For now, I'll wear it with a hoodie underneath for warmth.  In the summer it'll be an opposites-attract cover up for feminine blouses and party dresses.

So, a little eBay roundup of what's out there:

Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier (BIN $200)

Stella and Jamie leather jacket (BIN $350)

Vintage punk jacket (BIN $200)

Sheri Bodell canvas jacket (BIN $90)

Vintage denim blazer (seller: bambi bones)

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