Saturday, October 16, 2010

John Fluevog

John Fluevog, the Vancouver-based cobbler, is celebrating his 40th Anniversary this year. The business was launched as a partnership under the name Fox and Fluevog. Today, the flagship stores in Gastown (above) and on Granville St. are more than commercial outlets; they are 'Flueseums', flocked to by fans of the distinctive brand's punk/psychobilly aesthetic and neo-Gothic detailing.

As of yet, I have only been an instore gawker. I noticed that most shoes leaving the store were going home with half of a happy couple, as if the other had been saving up for a special birthday or anniversary gift that was just redeemed. They are certainly a 'get' for people interested in unique footwear. Nowadays John's designs aren't all clunky Munsters; the more versatile boots and pumps are office appropriate and sleek, but with that unconventional Fluevog flair and humour.

Fashion flashback: In 1991's Truth or Dare Madonna opens a box to reveal hot pink Fluevogs, which she then proudly prances in for the camera.

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  1. hey gillespiegirl
    I just got back from Van., B.C. with daughter and we enjoyed the Fluevog store in Gastown. They had a promo on for the 40th anniversary and we got the salelady to show us the feature shoes (which were not labeled). He reproduced one style from each decade; very fun and impressive. Daughter drooled over $600. great boots!
    Thanks for the blog. Loving it!