Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Recently arrived at Shopbop, Eugenia Kim's (famed NY milliner) chunky fox scarf ($232)...

It's a cute commentary on the ever present fur debate, but nothing new. Industrious crafters have already posted handcrafted 'vegan' fox stoles, for much less, on Etsy.

Seller Celepiu's:
Raspberry Foks $75
Chocolate Foks $95

Those who can knit & purl may want to recreate it themselves (go freeform, or check out pattern options at Ravelry.)

Eugenia Kim fox scarf $232-

Ravelry pattern $3-

Yarn and notions $45-

Two afternoons worth of The Mentalist and a headstart on carpel tunnel $0=

Total savings $184

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