Friday, October 8, 2010

Butter by Nadia

Butter by Nadia created the oft-imitated convertible jersey wrap dress you've been seeing everywhere. Their 'signature wrap' has been quietly encasing celebrities for years (see above: Naomi Watts, all glowy and prego) and has recently gained steam with 30-something bridesmaids. I would've thought the more ample-chested would shy away from unsupportively thin jersey, but strategic wrapping could allow for undergarments to remain, well, under wraps.

It's a simple formula: %92 Rayon and %8 Spandex. That's it. Sizeless.

The signature style is a circle skirt with two attached wings.

It now comes in a rainbow of colours, plaid, and 'Jane Fonda' stripe.

The company's last spring campaign saw branches out to

cleverly draped tulip skirts and ruffled blouses

(my favourite was the 40's inspired 'Fleur' sweetheart tee).

Of course they've also added a jumpsuit version.

I own a tricolour version of the signature wrap (matte, not the current satin-finish version). An excellent travel companion, it's been on 3 continents already. It also enjoys visiting outdoor music festivals and covering up swimsuits at the beach. I highly recommend picking one up at Butter by Nadia.

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