Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashion Quiz: Worldly Wearables

1) BABOUCHES (Turkish/Oriental in origin) would be worn:

a. on the head, for religious ceremonies
b. casually, on the feet
c. wrapped around the waist

2) Afghanistan's President,  HAMID KARZAI wears PASHTUN clothing. 

His traditional hat is called a:

a. rantoon
b. karakul
c. bardeez

3) The BIRETTA is worn by male members of a particular profession. How
do they wear it?

a. lacing it up to their knees
b. in a hip holster
c. placing it squarely on their heads

4) These are named after the Italian revolutionary, Giuseppe Garibaldi,
who visited England in the 1860's.

a. red and black embroidered shirts
b. embellished waistcoats
c. tri-pointed caps

5) The DHOTI is very well known in India. It is worn only by men. How
is it worn?

a. tied around the waist with the ends tucked up between the legs
b. draped over the head
c. with a fringed sash across the torso and secured at the hip

6) Name the following garment:

a. trumpeter
b. singlet
c. minstrel
d. doublet

7) Watteau pleats of the robe á la française are so-called because they:

a. look like rippling water
b. were conceived of by Madame Watteau
c. appeared in the portraits of Antoine Watteau

8) How did the knights of old wear GREAVES as part of their armour?

a. as protection of the legs below the knees
b. attached to gauntlets, over the elbows
c. underneath the breastplate

9) On which part of the body would you see a SOU'WESTER being worn?
(If you are Canadian and get this wrong, minus 200 points!)

a. on yer feet
b. on the noggin
c. over your gob

10) Name the following wedding garment, traditional in Malaysia and Indonesia:

a. tu'bung
b. burka and tapeet
c. songket with palembang cap

11) How did ladies of the Middle Ages wear a WIMPLE?

a. draped over the head and under the chin
b. laced through a grommetted belt
c. tied into their hair

1 - B.  They are lightweight slippers.

2 - B.  The hat is made from the Qaraqul breed of sheep (aka: Persian
lamb).  The hat is peaked and folds flat.  It has been popular among
Soviet leaders, most famously worn by Hamid Karzai.
3 - C. This item is a small, stiff clerical cap. The colours vary
according to the rank of the wearer. - Priests wear a black one,
bishops a purple one and cardinals a red one.

4 - A. The Garibaldi jacket or Garibaldi shirt were bright red woolen
garments for women with black embroidery or braid and military details
popular in the 1860s .

5 -  A. This garment is a loin cloth worn by male Hindus. The ends, which
are passed between the legs, are pulled up and tucked into the waist.

6 - D. This is a man's snug-fitting buttoned jacket that was worn in Western
Europe from the Middle Ages through to the mid-17th century (think: The Tudors).
The term also refers to a formal jacket worn with highland dress, a variation
of which is called an Argyll jacket (or coatee/ Prince Charlie jacket).

7 - C. Watteau was known for painting women wearing these cascading pleats
that looked like heavy capes.  Other artists have styles named for them, such as
Van Dyck collars.


Van Dyke

8 - A. Most of the names of parts of armour come from the French
language. 'Greave' comes from the Old French word 'greve' which meant

9 - B. The sou'wester is a waterproof hat with a very broad brim at the
back of it. It is worn, especially, by seamen and deep-sea fishermen
in stormy weather.

10 - C. The term songket comes from the Malay word sungkit, which means
"to hook" (the fabric is made by hooking groups of threads together).
Songket is a luxury product traditionally worn during ceremonial occasions as
a sarong, along with a Palembang hat of silver/gold thread.

Songket headdresses were worn at the courts of the Malay Sultanates. 
Traditionally, Muslim women and adolescent girls wove songket
but some boys and men are also weaving them today.  Like most
Sumatran textiles, they embody a system of interpretable emblems.

11 - A. The wimple is, of course, still worn in the 21st century as part
of the habit of some nuns.

As always... thanks for playing!

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