Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All The Leaves

All the leaves are brown,

And the sky is grey.

I went for a walk,

On a winter's day.

Leaf dangle bookchain necklace from eBay seller scentsnstuff

Lee Angel stitched leather bangle

We're having a little resurgence of summer temperatures here. The 'leafers' are out in full force, clogging up the bike paths with their awkward gaits and expensive Nikons. Still, it's lovely. I have returned home several times this week with leaves the shade of pumpkin, ochre, and rust in my tangled mane. Perhaps a better way to celebrate the season is adopting more deliberate, less dandruff-like, foliage. I'm particularly fond of the acorn/leaf combo bib necklace below:

Vintage (circa 1940's) carved wood necklace from eBay seller oxfordjewel.

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